Ram Gopal Varma(RGV) “Government” movie Dawood Ibrahim First look

Ram Gopal Varma(RGV) “Government” movie Dawood Ibrahim First look

Ram Gopal Varma released first look poster of his upcoming movie “Government”.The movie based on the rivalry between Dawood Ibrahim and Chota Rajan. RGV movie “Government”. The story revolves around the post-split intergenic enmity between Chota Rajan and Dawood and the sudden rise of Abu Salem.

Watch the First look poster of  Dawood Ibrahim in RGV’s Government movie

Dawood Ibrahim in RGV's Government movie

RGV Government movie First look Poster/Trailer/Teaser

Ram Gopal Varma recently announced that” My next Hindi film after”Veerappan” Is”Government” nd one of its characters will be Dawood Ibrahim” on his official twitter page. Apart from the main characters (Chota Rajan, Dawood Ibrahim, and Abu Salem), the film Government features characters based on Anees Ibrahim, Sujatha-Chota Rajan’s wife, Monika Bedi, National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, Indian former Prime Minster Sri Manmohan Singh, Abu Salem, and Bala Saheb Thackeray.
“‘Government’ will portray Dawood Ibrahim, Chota Shakeel, Abu Salem and others as realistically as I portrayed Veerappan,” Varma said.

Ram Gopal Varma(RGV)  “Government”  movie Dawood Ibrahim  First look

Dawood Ibrahim in RGV's Government movie

Ram Gopal Varma(RGV) “Government” movie cast and crew:

The key characters in the film “Government” will be
Chhota Rajan
Abu Salem
Chhota Shakeel
Anees Ibrahim
Sujatha (Chhota Rajan’s wife)
Monica Bedi
Ajit Doval (National Security Adviser)
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
Sharad Pawar
Arun Gawli
Bala saheb Thackeray
Dawood Ibrahim

RGV Government movie

Who is Dawood Ibrahim in Ram Gopal Varma(RGV) Government movie(Actor name)
Ram Gopal Varma noted that Government movie does not have any relation with “Sarkar 3”.

He also mentioned that the movie will talk about ‘ultra-delicate’ issues like Bollywood-underworld links and political crimes by the government.

Ram Gopal Varma(RGV) tweets about “Government”  movie.he reveled the first look of Dawood ibrhim but the acter name who played  Dawood Ibrahim role name not at disclosed.

Extremely happy to hear news about the most beautiful actress I ever worked with ..I wish from heart that her life wil b “Rangeela” forever.  #Government

I finally found an Actor to play Dawood Ibrahim in my new film “Government” #Government

I was just lying that it’s Dawood Ibrahim himself who is acting in “Government”
I actually lied that he is an actor..Dawood Ibrahim himself has agreed to play a role in “Government”.  #Government


Dawood Ibrahim in Rgv Government movie

Read the complete note of Ram Gopal Varma on “Government” movie

Government movie details

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