Hyderabad Ganesh Nimajjanam/Visarjan 2016 Live Updates and Visuals

Hyderabad Ganesh Visarjan 2016 Live :

After a 11 Days of the Ganesh Pooja which is started on 4 September 2016 all the Ganesh are set to Visarjan or set of Ganesh Nimajjanam this Thursday. This event gos well all over the Country and you can watch all the Ganesh Nimajjanam live on Tankbund Hyderabad. here you can Want Khairathabad Vinayaka Nimajjanam in Hussan Sagar Hyderabad.


Tank Bank Hyderabad Vinayaka Nimajjanam Live updates

All the Ganesh idols which are kept in streets all round the Hyderabad which Ganesh idols on the last day of Vinayaka Visarjan which mainly happens at Tank Bund Hyderabad and this event one of the main event in the Hyderabad City.

Vinayaka visarjan 2016

Khairathabad Ganesh Nimajjanam Live Streaming 2016

Watch Ganesh Visarjan 2016 :

Khairathabad Ganesh which is the tallest Ganesh in the Hyderabad is set to visarjan in the tankbund and every year. Lots of people come to Hussan Sagar Tank bund to watch the Ganesh Nimajjanam 2016 live telecast .

Hyderabad Ganesh Nimajjanam Traffic Rules Updates:

As the Vinayaka Visarjan 2016 is happening and the roads will be busy due to the heavy traffic , Hyderabad Traffic police set some changes or diversion in the regular routes, so all the people traveling through Tankbund can take other routes and plan accordingly

Traffic Police of Hyderabad is watching the event and maintaining the safety of the whole event. CCTV Cameras are being placed all over the TankBund to look happening . Drone Cameras are also set to be used to look the security

Watch Ganesh Visarjan Mumbai Live

Listen to all the Ganesh Nimajjanam Songs 2016 here aand you can watch Tankbund Ganesh Visarjan 2016 Live streaming here. Here we will also update the Ganesh Visarjan Mumbai Live here ..

Stay tuned to our site to get all the updates of the Ganesh Nimajjanam 2016 Live streaming .

Hyderabad Ganesh Nimajjanam Live 2016

Live Streaming Ganesh Immersion

Ganesh Nimajjanam Visarjan 2016 Live Streaming Hyderabad

Vinayaka Visarjan Live Telecast Tankbund

Hussan Sagar Ganesh Nimajjanam 2016 Live


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