Download Welcome to Medarm Jatara App for Android & iOS 2016

Download Medarm Jatara App-Welcome to Medram Jatara App for Android & iOS

Download Medarm Jatara App-Welcome to Medram

The Sammakka-Saralamma Jatara (fair), which is also called Medaram Jatara will start from 17th February 2016. Medaram Jatara is the biggest Tribal festival in India. Thousands to Lakhs of devotees from across the country like to come and visit Medaram Sammakka-Saralamma Jatara.

A research team from NIT ( National Institute of Technology) students Devendhar and Sai Teja with the help of Warangal Police and Municipal authorites developed the Wellcome to Medaram Jatara App for the convenience of the pilgrim’s visiting Medaram Jatara.

Download Welcome to Medarm Jatara App for Android & iOS

How to Download Medaram Jatara app /Welcome to Medaram Jatara App for Android & iOS

The govt of Telangana and Warangal municipal authorities with the help of Police and NIT students developed an android application to guide devotees or pilgrim’s on Medaram Jatara.
The name of the Medaram Jatara app is “Welcome To Medaram” Jatara.


How to Download Medaram Jatara App for Android & Ios:

To Download Medaram Jatara app follows the bellow simple steps.

  1. Go to Google Play Store both The Android and Ios users.
    2. On search bar Search for “Well Come To Medaram” app
    3. You will see a policeman who is guiding the traffic at Medaram Jatara.
    4. Click on “Welcome to Medaram “,you will be redirected to Installation.
    5. Click on Install button, within a fraction the official Medaram Jatara app will be installed into your mobile phone.

6.  After installation, you need to open the application. when the application is open it will show you a registration page

7. You may register your Name and Mobile number or you have the option to skip the process and enter directly to the “welcome to Medaram Jatara” app.

Medram Sammakka saralamma jatara 2016

now use this welcome to Medaram Jatara app and travel without struggling in traffic and there are many more useful features provided in “Welcome to Medaram” Jatara app.


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What is in Medaram Jatara App / Special Features in Medaram Jatara App “Welcome to Medaram “app

Warangal Rural Police and NIT students joined hands together to create “welcome to Medaram” Jatara App. You may have doubt.? what is so special in this app, what are the special features provided and how it will be useful in Medaram-Sammakka-Saralamma Jatara.

Here we have provided the complete list of facilities provided by Police and “welcome to Medaram” App.

Download Welcome to Medarm Jatara App for Android & iOS 2016


1. Entry and Exit Routes From/To Medaram Jatara.

2. Parking Places and the availability

3. Police Notification regarding any Missing cases and Various Events at Medaram Jatara.

4. You can save your Car vehicle parking location {whare you have parked the car} and some other important benchmark location

5. Medaram Sammakka-Saralamma Jatara Schedule{when the Fair(Jatara) will start and what is the last date of Medaram Jatara.

6. The major one “Medaram Traffic” Guidelines

7. Police Guidelines.

8. Hospital details/Medical camp

9. Bathrooms-wash rooms

10 . Places to visit near Medaram Jatara

11. Helpline Numbers.

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How to Use welcome to Medaram Jatara app offline.? for Android & iOS

Now you can use the Medaram Jatara app “Welcome to Medaram” app offline also. Here we have provided the details how to use welcome to Medaram app offline.
To use Wellcome to Medaram Jatara app offline, open the entry & exit route at least once after downloading the app.

stay tuned to this page for more details about Sammakka-Saralamma Medaram Jatara.comment below if you have any query or  need any information regarding Sammakka-Saralamma Medaram Jathara 2016

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