Embed a Facebook video in WordPress- How To

Embed Facebook Video in WordPress :

Facebook video’s are being increasing the popularity and the number of Videos viewd on Facebook is also increasing . In this tutorial we will learn how to embed Facebook Video in WordPress .  WordPress is known to be the top CMS platform and also there are different WordPress tutorials  you can read about them .

How to Embed Facebook Videos in WordPress :

We have learn on how to Post Youtube Videos on Facebook  and we will now learn on how to embed FB videos on WordPress .

embed facebook videos on wordpress

  • Open your WordPress Blog Dashboard
  • Then open the Text editor or the Post where you want to Embed Facebook Videos in WordPress .
  • Then Go to Facebook video which you want to embed FB video in WordPress .
  • On the right top corner of the Post in the News feed you can find the a Down arrow button , click on the button and you will have drop down menu . find the Embed videos and click and open
  • When you open it you will find the a Pop up window with a Iframe Code or EMBED Code
  • go back to your WordPress Post and open the Text editor and Paste it in it and click Publish and you can find the Video is being Published .
  • Learn how to change Facebook Username
  • By this way you can embed Facebook Videos on WordPress blogs .

Embed Facebook Videos in WordPress without Plugin :

Here we have learned on how to Embed or Insert FB videos on WordPress without Plugin . The WordPress is the Good platform and you can embed n umber of video of Youtube and also other platform . Normally Videos are embedded to reduce the Loading speed of site or Webpage .

Conclusion :

To embed a Facebook video in WordPress without plugin this is the good process. Comment down if you have otheer good methods to Embed videos in WordPress .

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