n-Gage Instant messaging App comes to India

N-Gage Messaging App:

n-Gage the new Messaging app to enter to Indian Market . Whatsapp , Telegram , Hike messenger which are already extending services with millions of users and billions of messages sent daily and now new service to get into mobiles phones . Whatsapp already started to send the VOIP calls and also to start the Video Calling on its platform

N-Gage Messenger App enter India

The App is build in India and its CEO Ajit Patel told more about the N-gage messaging app . As the Free instant messaging is now an essential part of mobile phones which drained the SMS services and made a huge loss to Telecom services. n-gage also want to its part in this huge market .

ngage app

N-Gage Monetization methods and other features :

N-gage CEO when questioned about the monetization of the app CEO Ajit said they are focusing on Downloads then to the Revenue and will later will go for making money from there platform . However giant Whatsapp as already made the platform for free which said initially to make subscription charges .

However the n-gage features as the encrypted platform which means its a secured platform and can delete after the message as sent and there are many other features .

Today already Hike said they have reached 100 Millions subscriptions on its app and they are focusing for more downloads … Read more of Hike Messenger


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