Railtel Free Wifi at Mumbai Central Station by Google India and India Railways

Free Wifi at Mumbai Central Station:

The Free Public Wifi is being launced by the Google India and Indian Railways program RAILTEL today at Mumbai Central Station. Indian Railway mentioned last year about the project as a part of Digital India as taken a step forward and initiated the first free Wifi service at the Mumbai Central Station . The Free Public Wifi will be available in the station for free and it can be accessed by anyone around with the secured password system .

Railtel free Wifi over all Stations in India :

railtel free wifi

As announced the Google India and India Railways project Railtel will install the free high speed Wifi all over the Indian Railways stations for the fast and secure communication . 100 Railways station will be provided with the Wifi in the year 2016 and may increase the number according to the response of the users .

How to Connect to RailTel Public Wifi :

So want to know how to connect to the Railtel free wifi , its very easy process and can be done in few sconds , if you have used the public wifi in the past you may know the process .

  • Open your Wi-Fi settings and you can find the RailTel Wifi if you are in the Zone of Wifi
  • Connect to the RailTel Wifi
  • The Go to your browser and open Railwire.co.in
  • The Enter your Mobile phone number which you want to get connected to the network
  • A message will be received to you number with the password to connect to the network
  • Enter the password and your mobile is connected to RailTel mobile Network


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