Unlock Reliance JioFi ( Jio MiFi ) Device for other 4G Network SIMs

How to Unlock Reliance JioFi Device :

Reliance JioFi device is a Portable WiFi hotspot device which is sold with the Jio Sim with Jio Welcome Offer or Jio Preview Offer. Jio which is set to commercially available from Sept 5 2016 and users can get the free SIM cards from the Reliance Digital Xpress and Digital Mini Store.


Unlock Reliance Jio MiFi device to support all 4G SIM cards

Reliance JioFi or Jio Mifi Device which is sold for a price of 1999 Rs/- supports only Jio Sim cards and SIM cards of the other networks are not supported on this device. Any other 4G SIM card inserted will display errors and it dosn’t connect to the network.

Jio SIM cards are issued for all customers with a VoLTE enabled devices, Due to increase in the users now the network speeds are reduced when compared to the initial speeds . Jio SIM users are also facing the calling issues and interconnection to other services is not smooth . Jio after the commercial launch announced the free calling for all the users without any other conditions this made the more demand to the Reliance Jio SIM cards and you can even order for free Jio SIM cards Online .

Unlock Reliance Jio MiFi DeviceĀ  to support AIRTEL , IDEA, BSNL 4G SIM Cards

After the Launch of the Jio all other networks also bought down the charges of Data services, BSNL made 1099 Rs/- Unlimited data and Speed and other networks announced data of 1gb for 50Rs/- . So after the Jio Preview offer or Jio Welcome Offer is completed its better to shift to the BSNL with unlimited speed and Data as it announced .. But to use the SIM you need to unlock the Jio Mifi Device, so please any one who know how to Unlock the Jio Mifi Device please share the procedure in the comments, in mean while we will try to update on how to unlock JIOfi device to support all SIM networks like AITEL, IDEA, BSNL 4G networks…

Watch how to Unlock JioFi Device to support all SIMs or Netowrks


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