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INDIANEWSTIME.COM is an Auction domain which I BID in the auction of GODADDY and WIN the domain. I won this BID on 11/01/2022

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GOUR PAUL is the Founder & Author of Indianewstime.com

Hello! I, am Gour Paul, belonging to a very small city Nala in Jharkhand. I have been interested in technology since childhood. So, I have special enthusiasm in my nerve for technology. Having completed my Higher Secondary education, I decided to follow my passion and came to West Bengal. Besides Graduation, I was stretching my legs for computer education to fulfill my dream. Then I went to learn slowly web designing, machine language courses etc. in 2016.
Finally, I took a bold step in my life and launched a website in 2017.
Now, I am the owner of 5 popular websites and have around 5 years work experience on website and SEO. I have an 11- members team and we work together throughout the year with high efficiency as a family member.

If you want to be a part of this family or any further query: Help@Gourpaul.com

I would like to share some experiences

जिंदगी मैं कुछ करना हैं दोस्त आसान रास्ता मत चुनो
आसान रास्ता आपको परेशान करेगा ख़ुश नहीं
मंज़िल उन्हीं को मिलती है , जिनके सपनों में जान होती है!
पंख से कुछ नहीं होता दोस्त , हौसलों और जूनून मैं उड़ान होती है!