10 Best Fitness Affiliate Programs in India

10 Best Fitness Affiliate Programs in India

10 Best Fitness Affiliate Programs in India
10 Best Fitness Affiliate Programs in India

Indians look towards maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle as more people seek out fitness influencers and brands.

A fitness influencer who wants to improve their revenue stream should check out some of the best affiliate programs for fitness influencers from India.

Since there are fewer fitness influencers in India than in other countries, it’s easier to get into one of these amazing affiliate programs.

What are Fitness Affiliate Programs and How Do They Work?

Affiliate programs are forms of marketing strategies that involve a brand establishing a relationship with affiliates and paying them a commission for referring customers to their products or services. The affiliate will earn a commission every time a customer who used their affiliate link purchases the promoted product or service.

List of Top 10 Fitness Affiliate Programs in India

1. Fitspire

Fitspire is one of the few vegan health supplement brands in India. The online platform deals in a variety of products which include protein powder, protein bars, weight management capsules, peanut butter, and more. These products are sugar-free, gluten-free, clinically tested, and provide a complete solution to your family’s nutritional needs. Fitspire Affiliate products come with a whopping 45% commission on every successful sale.

2. Myprotein

Myprotein is one of the biggest sports nutrition brands in the world, and they are really popular for their line-up of health supplements they offer for the Indian market.

They offer an affiliate program for fitness influencers from India who can promote and endorse their products through their website, blog, social media, or online content.

Myprotein India affiliates get access to commissions of up to 8%, a quick setup, a 30-day cookie window, and regular commission payments.

3. Healthkart

Healthkart is India’s leading e-commerce store that’s dedicated to providing healthcare supplements, and nutritional products at affordable rates.

You can get just about anything from genuine protein supplements to vitamins, minerals, and many more products at affordable rates through Healthkart.

Healthkart also has a dedicated affiliate program that is easy to join and offers incredible returns for influencers who can generate successful conversions.

4. Nike

Nike is one of the oldest names in the fitness industry and has partnerships with some of the biggest sports and athletes in the world. The company deals in different activewear products which include T-shirts, shorts, basketball shoes, running shoes, sports bras, leggings, jackets, lowers, sweatshirts, and more. The Nike Affiliate Program comes with a 30-day cookie duration and provides up to 4% commission on valid affiliate sales along with affiliate banners, automatic product feed, frequent affiliate communications, and more. Referral customers can avail of free delivery, exclusive discounts, and lower free-delivery thresholds.

5. Suprfit

Suprfit is an online health and wellness supplements brand that has a wide range of products including oats, apple cider vinegar, healthy gummies, biotin, melatonin, green tea, peanut butter, and much more. The Suprfit Affiliate Program is a great deal for affiliate marketers as they can make a great 25% commission on every sale made through their affiliate link.

6. MyProtein

MyProtein is one of the most trustworthy fitness supplements and activewear brands in the industry. The company deals in high-grade protein powder, protein bars, creatine, amino acids, protein mix, and high-quality gym wear for men and women among many products. The MyProtein Affiliate link remains valid for a 30-day cookie duration and provides up to 8% commission on every successful affiliate sale. The brand also helps marketers create content through regular content ideas, tips, and regular personal discussions.

For more information about fitness and the latest news visit the site.

7. Optimum Nutrition

If you are looking for an established brand to collaborate with for affiliate partnerships as a fitness influencer in India, then look no further than Optimum Nutrition.

The Optimum Nutrition affiliate program gives you instant access to some of the highest-quality products in the sports nutrition niche.

Optimum Nutrition affiliates also get commissions of up to 12%, access to product samples, a 30-day cookie window, regular promotions, and deals to share with your audience.

8. Decathlon India

The Decathlon India affiliate program is a great option to consider for athletes and fitness influencers in India that are looking for affiliate collaborations with an established brand.

Thanks to their wide range of products, you will be spoilt for choices when it comes to product promotions for your target audience.

As a Decathlon affiliate, you get instant access to quality gear, cross-marketing events, shared blog posts, impressive affiliate revenue, and many more perks.

9. Adidas

Adidas is a world-famous sportswear brand with a line of activewear designed to help athletes stay comfortable and perform at their best during workouts. It includes items such as shorts, t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, jackets, and pants, as well as accessories like hats, socks, and trainers. The brand uses advanced fabrics and technologies to ensure that its products are lightweight, breathable, and able to wick away sweat. The Adidas Affiliate Program can help marketers earn a flat 10% commission for successful order placements on its website.

10. Hevy

Hevy is a workout planner and fitness tracker available for both Android and iOS users. Users can easily log their workouts, measure their progress and join a community of fitness enthusiasts. Hevy runs a very lucrative 3-tier affiliate program. First Tier partners can earn a 15% commission for successful referrals while providing a 10% discount for new customers. Second-tier partners need to make 100+ affiliate sales every year and they can earn a flat 25% commission for each new signup. The third level of affiliate partners is an invite-only category and partners get a monthly base salary along with a 15% commission on all trackable sales.


In conclusion, there are several high-ticket fitness affiliate programs in India and marketers in this niche can make big bucks by referring different products. It is important to look for programs that provide great customer service and have a good reputation in the industry. With the right strategy and dependable fitness affiliate programs, marketers can become successful in a very small amount of time.

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