10 Ways Can Social Media In Education Improve Learning?

10 Ways Can Social Media In Education Improve Learning?

10 Ways Can Social Media In Education Improve Learning?
10 Ways Can Social Media In Education Improve Learning?

Using social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and so on provides free access to online communication and information. What if schools made use of them? Can they contribute to improving learning and teaching? See some examples of the benefits of social media in the classroom.

Social media has become an inevitable part of our lives these days. From sharing vital information with the world to connecting with our loved ones, we are using social media for almost everything. However, with social media taking a significant part of the day, not only for professionals but for college-goers too, finding the bad in the involvement seems easy. The tougher part is finding the good it brings with it. Students have always been a part of the social media domain and are pinched and taunted for their involvement with the virtual world. But, if we look from a different perspective, social media has a very positive part to play in the lives of students.

How Does Social Media Create Value for Students?

There are several reasons why social networking is beneficial to pupils. Discussed below are a few of them:

  • For educational reasons, web-based social media sites can supply important material, such as examinations and pieces of information on specific elements, or statistics and observations on numerous subjects or concerns.
  • It is critical to be active on many social media sites as an academic institution. This aids in developing an improved student training approach and molding campus culture.

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Why social media is useful for students?

Here is a list that explains why social media is important in the lives of students. These are:

  1. Social media provides a lot of credible and relevant information and data. For instance, you can gain knowledge and insights on various topics. It helps you in analyzing the different answers and different opinions of different students. It increases your imagination and creative skills.
  2. Social media helps in delivering training to students with the help of the latest methodologies and help in shaping their future. It plays a dynamic role in an educational institution.

Importance of Social Media for Students

Social media plays a very vital role in every student’s life. With its help, providing & fetching a lot of information, and communicating with friends, classmates, teachers & colleagues have become an easy-fit option.

Students & teachers now get connected while making better use of this platform for gaining & providing education, respectively.

10 Ways Can Social Media In Education Improve Learning?

Social media and technology have become an indispensable part of our lives. Every individual who is above 13 years old will have an account on any of the popular social media networks such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. WhatsApp has raised the minimum age to 16 years old.

However, the question that arises is: how is social online networking useful to students? Are there ways that social media in education can benefit learners and help to fill the gaps in learning if used in a safe and appropriate way?

Here are some of the educational approaches and benefits of social media to improve the academic performance of students:

1. Learn About Different Teaching Methodologies 

By connecting with different people from around the globe, students learn about the teaching methodologies used around the world, which helps them expand their horizons of learning. By being active on social media, students also learn to communicate with others. This is a real advantage for those introverts who find it difficult to speak with their friends.

2. Finding Concrete Information Online

Various websites and social media networks are providing plenty of information that can be helpful to students. Via social media news feeds, students can find informational and relevant websites they want to follow so as to be kept in the loop. Depending on their interests, students can find answers to their questions. Sites, such as Tumblr and Pinterest, can offer children inspiration for school projects or practical problem-solving.

The educational benefits of social networking sites are also those that help students prepare for important lessons and learn certain concepts with great efficacy. Social media websites will contain the latest data on various school subjects and thus, the students have the opportunity to survey and look into what is new.

3. Gain Knowledge from Different Websites 

When on social media, students not just spend their time talking to the people around them but improve their knowledge as well. There are many educational websites and pages that share engaging content to make tough concepts comprehensive. From subjective to general, they gain a lot of knowledge from the articles shared on various social media platforms.

4. Distance Learning Opportunities

Another great advantage of social media in education is distance learning opportunities. There are many disadvantaged students who are not able to acquire formal education by attending regular classes in an educational institution. With the help of various online tools along with social media, modern educators are able to attract students through distance learning programs. Soon, this will be an inseparable part of our modern education system. Today, hosting live lectures via Skype or webinars via WebinarJam is the way forward to allowing students who live in remote areas of the world to access education.

5. Brainstorm with a Larger Group

It becomes easier for students to exchange their ideas on a specific topic with like-minded people. They get a whole world, where they can communicate and exchange information not just with their friends but with people around the world. This improves their knowledge which is vital to succeeding in every aspect of life.

6. Communication And Collaboration

The biggest advantage of social media is better communication. A student can connect with anyone at any point in time via Kids Messenger or WhatsApp. They can use such platforms via their smartphone, tablet, or computer, and learners can exchange questions, and make phone calls or video calls. If a student is stuck with their homework, they can always communicate with their friends or tutors. They don’t need to wait and meet the teacher physically. Social media promote learning by offering support with sharing documents as well such as via Google Drive Box, and Google Docs. Some teachers even connect with their classes via Facebook Live.

7. Get a Chance to Participate in Competitions

The online world offers many opportunities for students to participate in competitions. Every other day, various social media channels and pages organize competitions in which students can take part and develop the identity they always look for. This boosts their confidence and inspires them to become a better version of themselves each day.

8. Improved Literacy, Communication, And Reading Skills

It is usually observed that students are bored of reading and writing, however, the internet and social media provide plenty of online information which often students are more inclined to read, especially if these pieces of information include eye-catching animations. Online messages, comments, news, articles, and books provide an endless list of information to be read, and students are motivated to devote their time and put some extra effort towards their learning.

Such online activities contribute to the child’s general learning, and kids eventually develop stronger reading habits resulting in a drastic improvement in their writing abilities. Social media sites are for the most part interactive and this definitely keeps the student involved.

How Can Social Media Help Education?

9. Stay Up-to-Date

A lot of things happen every second, and if you really want to grow, then you need to stay updated with everything that is happening in the world. Social media is the best place where you can get information about the entire universe. This will not only help you expand your knowledge base and give you the confidence to get involved in any discussion.

10. Parental Involvement

Social media help parents stay involved in their child’s learning. Via the school’s Twitter or Facebook feed parents can be updated on school-related activities, projects, and events that are happening. The school teachers can get in touch with the parents in case they want to share the child’s progress via Skype or other secure online platforms the institution uses. A social network for parents can be created too via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, which can enable them to be informed about school matters, learning, and education.

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