15 Best Ways To Promote Your Affiliate Links

Promoting affiliate links is part art, part science: you’ve got to share affiliate links in a way that stands out in a sea of content, appeals to your audience’s goals, and succinctly sells the products’ benefits.

You can combine several methods at once and try different sources where you can place a link. But whatever traffic source you choose, get ready. There is no stable method for effortlessly promoting affiliate links and generating a lot of sales. Any of these methods can earn you a solid income.

In this article, we will explore the 15 Best Ways To Promote Your Affiliate Links.

15 Best Ways To Promote Your Affiliate Links
15 Best Ways To Promote Your Affiliate Links

Best Ways To Promote Your Affiliate Links

There is no single best way to promote affiliate links. It all depends on what background you have, what kind of product or service you offer, and what budget you have for promotion.

What Is An Affiliate Link?

An affiliate link is a URL, or a web address, that directs the reader to a webpage, usually a web shop, for an advertised product or service.

When an affiliate partner—that is, the website or influencer posting the link—signs up for a business’s affiliate marketing program, they receive a unique link to the business’s website. The link contains the affiliate partner’s ID, enabling tracking. When a user clicks on the link, it’s attributed to the affiliate partner, allowing the business to record the source of the traffic.

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15 Best Ways To Promote Your Affiliate Links

 1. Embed affiliate links into your blog posts

One of the most effective ways to promote your affiliate links is to add them to your blog posts. This is especially effective if your blog. promote your affiliate links to a large audience.

To increase the clicking on affiliate links in blog articles, you must first ensure that you publish relevant and fresh content. It helps you promote your links.

There are different blog posts that promote affiliate links. They include product reviews, recommendations, product comparison articles, and “alternatives to” articles.

2. Use paid advertising

Paid ads are another effective way to promote affiliate links. Paid ads allow you to target specific audiences. This can help you reach people most likely to purchase your products.

The obvious downside is you’ll be spending money to capture the leads. This can reduce your margins considerably. The calculation to confirm whether it makes sense to use paid ads.

Google Ads presents one of the best opportunities to promote affiliate links. It allows you to create ads that can appear in Google search results or other websites across the internet.

3. Add affiliate links to your video descriptions

Video marketing has become increasingly popular in recent years. Leverage this trend to promote your affiliate links.

Promoting affiliate links through video marketing is quite similar to how you would do it with a blog or email.

4. Record a video and post it on a few platforms.

Blog posts, and creating video content are very useful. Google will now show Youtube videos and other content when you search for anything. Use this power to fuel your affiliate link promotion.

Create a helpful guide on using the product – present the pros and cons of a SaaS platform. Post product reviews and be honest while speaking about the offer.

5. Promote links on a podcast or webinar

Podcasts and webinars are powerful tools for affiliate marketing. To promote affiliate links through podcasts and webinars, include links in the chats and show notes. You also want to promote them during the show.

You could promote affiliate links to financial products or services in the podcast notes or even mention them during the show.

Food Blogger Pro example below, since most people listen to podcasts while doing other tasks.

YouTube has become one of the most popular places for people to watch product reviews.

Written product reviews, half the content out there is recycled information from the manufacturer’s website.

Most product reviews are written by freelance writers who’ve never seen or touched the product they’re reviewing.

Create YouTube videos you can also embed in your blog posts. That way, you can improve time on the page and get your affiliate links in front of even more people.

7. Publishing Platforms

You can find a platform where you can publish content and gain traffic, such as:

  • Medium
  • HubPages
  • Ghost

You don’t have to create a standalone website, pay for hosting, etc. You can publish articles as easily as by sending an email.

Platforms are usually well indexed by Google and you will also be able to attract traffic for your articles.

8. Facebook

You can promote your affiliate links on almost any social platform. Depending on the platform, the content and how exactly you integrate affiliate links will differ. Facebook is one of the biggest, audience volumes (2.74 billion users).

If you post affiliate links in other communities, make sure that you don’t break the rules. It often happens that page owners do not allow such publications.

Facebook can become both a direct source of traffic for your affiliate links and an additional source of income for your site.

9. Include affiliate links in emails

Including affiliate links in your emails and newsletters is another effective way to promote your offers.

Build an email list for affiliate marketing. You can capture email addresses from your website, and visitors, by offering a lead magnet such as an eBook or a guide.

You can create a series of emails promoting relevant products or services, including affiliate links to those products.

You can promote your affiliate links through email marketing by sending emails that focus specifically on advertising the links.

10. Instagram

Instagram is easily one of the most popular platforms. Celebrities, business owners, fan accounts, and more exist on this platform. Instagram is best known for the amount of engagement that occurs on the platform. If you don’t already have one, create an Instagram account for your company or brand.

You can then post high-quality images or videos for your audience to see. This is a great way to stay relevant and gain more traffic.

11. Podcasts

The content format is audio, which can also be a source of sales for you. You can run a podcast on various popular platforms.

Embed links directly into your podcast, but the platforms where you host podcasts will allow you to add links in the description. Promote any products that your podcast audience needs.

This method can be combined with YouTube videos if your format allows you to keep only the audio track. This is how you can create content more efficiently.

The peculiarity of podcasts is that they are listened to, but listeners are not always ready to take action immediately.

12. Tutorials

A natural way to promote your affiliate link is to use tutorials to your advantage. Make a video or blog post showing users how it works. This not only allows them to see the product in action, but it shows them that you use it. One of the most searched-for things on YouTube is tutorials. This is a great way to increase your audience and lead people to your affiliate link.

5 Ways to Promote Affiliate Links

13. Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing platform for affiliate link promotion.

  1. Directly to the advertiser’s website.
  2. To your site and, from there, to the advertiser’s site.

Can generate a solid income. So, you should conduct some tests and find the most effective approach for you. The creator behind Okeventures.com is to learn the best approaches for using this traffic source.

14. LinkedIn

The majority of businesses and professionals have a LinkedIn profile. This is a great place to promote your affiliate link because it’s a social media platform for professionals that are used to networking with people in similar industries.

More likely to help you out by purchasing through your affiliate link. You could also use your Linkedin profile. If you don’t already have one, it is essentially an online resume. You can include your affiliate link in the intro section of your profile.

15. Digital Products

Promoting links on the Internet, you can look at other digital products as well.

  • A browser extension that displays the weather in a specific city and immediately suggests hotels in that location. In this case, you can earn by connecting to the Travelpayouts partnership platform.
  • Templates for wedding invitations, inside which you will also leave affiliate links for booking a flight.

Digital products do not necessarily have to be complex web development. You can create a product even in Microsoft Word or NotePad.


How much do affiliate programs cost?

The initial startup costs for joining an existing affiliate network can range between $500 to $2,000, depending on the network size.

When a customer sees an affiliate link and clicks on it, they’ll receive a tracking cookie. Then, they’ll be sent to the merchant’s site, where their actions will be tracked by the cookie.

Affiliates can get links by joining an affiliate program. Once approved, they can then access their dashboard to explore the merchant’s available affiliate links. The affiliates can promote the link on their website by adding it to their content.

What is the Best Way to Promote Affiliate Links?

There is no single best way to promote affiliate links. It all depends on what background you have, what kind of product or service you offer, and what budget you have for promotion.

You can combine several methods at once and try different sources where you can place a link.


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