How does Skyscanner work?

How does Skyscanner work?

How does Skyscanner work?
How does Skyscanner work?

Skyscanner is a travel search engine that helps users find the cheapest flights, hotels, and car rentals for their desired destinations and travel dates. Here’s how it works:

  1. Search: The user inputs their departure and arrival cities, dates of travel, and the number of travelers into Skyscanner’s search engine.
  2. Results: Skyscanner searches through a vast database of flight, hotel, and car rental options from various travel providers and presents the results to the user in a comprehensive list.
  3. Filter: The user can filter the search results based on their preferences, such as flight duration, price range, airline, or hotel rating.
  4. Booking: Once the user selects their preferred option, Skyscanner redirects them to the travel provider’s website to complete the booking process.

Skyscanner uses sophisticated algorithms to gather and analyze data from various travel providers to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information to its users. Additionally, Skyscanner earns a commission from the travel providers for each booking made through their website, so the service is free for users.

What is Skyscanner Flight?

Skyscanner is an online booking website that allows you to easily find cheap flights anywhere in the world. Easily find great hotels to accommodate your gang and hire transport to get around once you are there.

Simply put, Skyscanner is like an online travel agent which searches hundreds of airlines and booking agencies across the world to rank the flights for you. The flights are then listed in the order of Best, Cheapest, and Fastest depending on your preference. Finding flights with Skyscanner is so easy because it stops you from checking out all the competitor’s websites one at a time, instead, seeing all the flights at a glance.

Below I will show you how to get the most out of using Skyscanner for flights. Whether you are just jumping on there for pure research, dreaming and searching for inspiration, or actually parting with cash and laying down a real booking.

Once you decide on the right flight for you, it is advisable to check the price against booking directly with the airline. Skyscanner is usually the winning price, meaning you should follow through. Occasionally you may find the cheapest flight through a 3rd party flight booking company such as Expedia. We have had nothing but great results using Skyscanner and have racked up heaps of miles using this fantastic research and booking system. It is definitely not a scam, and if anything can save you money, it’s a winner in my book.

How to book a flight with Skyscanner

Similar to Kayak, it is possible to book through Skyscanner with certain OTAs that they have partnerships with, however, these fares only appear if they are among the cheapest options.

In most cases, you won’t actually book your flight through Skyscanner; instead, Skyscanner will refer you to an OTA or the airline that offers your chosen flight and you’ll book with them. This means that sometimes, Skyscanner’s listed fee isn’t necessarily the fee you end up with. Let’s use an $818 direct flight from Chicago to Rome as an example.

As shown before, once you click the “Select” button you’re taken to a list of OTAs that are offering this route. This $818 fare is being offered by AirfareExperts.

How does it work?

Let’s look into the main search engine feature that lets you look for a flight in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Select the currency and language

In the top-right corner, choose the currency you want prices to be displayed in among the most common ones ($, €, £) or others. Just like languages, there is an extended list. Here, I’ll go with English and Euro.

Step 2: Choose the kind of ticket you want

Select whether you’re searching for a one-way, return, or multi-city (more on that later) ticket. I’m looking for a one-way ticket (by the way, you should do the same, that’s one of my tips to find cheap flights).

Step 3: Fill in your travel details

Enter which city you want to fly from in the “From” section and your destination in “To”. Select your flight date from the calendar, the number of passengers, and the cabin class (Economy, Premium Economy, Business, or First Class).

I’m looking for a cheap flight from Sofia, Bulgaria to Barcelona, Spain at the end of the summer. As a solo budget traveler, I choose “1 passenger” in Economy.

Step 4: Hit search and choose among the flight results

By default, Skyscanner displays results from the cheapest trip to the most expensive airfare (price by an adult). Feel free to sort by total journey time, departure time, airline, or stops depending on your preferences.

Skyscanner also allows you to play with all sorts of filters to find your perfect flight: number of stops, journey duration, airline, etc.

Step 5: Click select to check you are itinerary and finish booking your ticket

Click on the arrow to get the details of your flight, especially if like me, you have a connection. You can check the Minimum Connecting Time to make sure you have enough time for the transfer, but if you don’t, the flight shouldn’t even be displayed.

Scroll down and check out the “Good to know section”. In my case, the journey includes a self-transfer, so I need to check in separately for each leg of the trip. You should always check in online when you can.

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