How Much Does YouTube Make In India?

How Much Does YouTube Make In India?

How Much Does YouTube Make In India?
How Much Does YouTube Make In India?

In the land of colors and curry, there’s another ‘C’ quietly creeping up in the cultural landscape: content creators.

India, the world’s largest democracy, has rapidly embraced the digital revolution, with Internet users in the country expected to reach 974 million by 2025. As a result, its YouTube stars are cashing in on the action.

Let’s dive into the world of Indian YouTubers, uncover the rupees behind the razzle-dazzle, and get a glimpse of what it takes to monetize your masti on the digital stage.

Hold on to your chai cups because this journey through the financial underpinnings of India’s YouTube scene is bound to be a thrilling ride.

As Ajey Nagar, a.k.a CarryMinati, one of India’s most popular YouTubers, once said, “It’s a dream come true to be doing what I love and making a living out of it.” With a whopping 31.3 million subscribers at the time of writing, he’s clearly onto something.

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What is the YouTube Income Per View?

Despite the fact that YouTube pays a fixed amount per view, YouTubers do not always make that much themselves. YouTubers are paid based on how many views they get and where their viewers come from.

As viewers come from different countries and regions, it is not possible to calculate the exact amount of pay-per-view. It is estimated that YouTube pays between ₹0.23 and ₹0.39 per view on average.

Which categories make the most money?

The revenue generated by a video majorly depends on the niche of the video. Creators choose their niche based on their level of expertise on the topic. Based on the type and quality of content, it is decided how much YouTube pay to the creators.

The categories which generate the highest revenue are –

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Stock market
  3. Investment
  4. Drop shipping
  5. Content creation
  6. Personal Finance
  7. Sports
  8. Beauty and fashion
  9. Comedy
  10. Entertainment

How Much Earn YouTuber Make In India?

Some of the top YouTubers make more than ₹15.2 crores per year. This is a difficult question because YouTubers can earn money from sources other than the YouTube Partners Program. Ryan Kanji, for example, is claimed to have gained ₹152172 billion with his Ryan’s World toys and clothing, which includes Marks & Spencer pajamas.

He also inked a multimillion-dollar television series deal with Nickelodeon, which is still unknown. The fourth season of the television show had a barrage of criticism. Similarly, Indian YouTubers are now producing original web series under the banner of YouTube Originals. For YouTube Originals, Bhuvan Bham is developing ‘Dhindora.’ YouTube Originals are the platform’s original series, films, and events.

Nox Influencer, Social Blade, Videooly, and other platforms can help you figure out how much money YouTubers make. These are merely estimates of how much money channels could make through the YouTube Partner Program.

Since the youtube income per view is based on the number of views your video receives, the chart below illustrates how much money it could earn. The survey also distinguishes between American and Indian creators’ profits. As we discussed previously, as a creator, you must consider various factors, such as the video’s niche, duration (bigger videos may have at least two advertisements), and audience source.

How to Earn Money on YouTube?

If you’ve been thinking about how to make money on YouTube, you should be familiar with the YouTube partner program and how it works. YouTube doesn’t allow content providers to monetize their videos unless accepted into the YouTube partner program.

AdSense: Monetize with ads

This is the most well-known revenue stream on YouTube. Once you hit 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours within the past 12 months, you can apply for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

After approval, you can start earning from ads shown on your videos. The median CPM (cost per thousand views) in India ranges from $0.25 to $4.50, so it’s essential to attract a large viewership.

Revenue Through Advertisement

Whenever anyone views a YouTuber’s channel and views display overlay or video advertisements, they receive advertising revenue.

Good quality YouTube Shorts videos

To earn through Shorts, you need to join the YPP after fulfilling all its eligibility criteria. With a consumer generation with a reduced attention span, YouTube Shorts is a valuable medium to generate income on Youtube.

Merchandise shelf

For YouTubers with 10,000 subscribers or more, the merchandise shelf allows creators to sell their products directly on their channel.

This can range from t-shirts and hoodies to phone cases and other merchandise related to your brand. Indian fashion YouTuber Sejal Kumar successfully leveraged this feature, launching her own sustainable fashion line.

Crowdfunding via Live streaming

Big YouTube channels with a sizeable number of subscribers opt for this option. Their loyal followers join their live streams, where creators can pitch for their cause and gather funds online.

Super Stickers and Super Chats

Super Chat is a new technique to generate money on YouTube with a lot of traction. The function allows your audience to purchase standout chat messages and, in some cases, pin them to the top of a live stream’s comments section. So, if you go YouTube live, you can monetize your stream with Super Chat.

Channel memberships

Once you hit the 30,000 subscribers milestone, you can offer channel memberships to your audience. This involves subscribers paying a monthly fee for perks like exclusive badges, emojis, and access to members-only content.

Gaurav Taneja, an Indian vlogger with over 6 million subscribers, mentioned, “The support from our subscriber base helps us create better content.”

How to Manage Your YouTube Privacy Settings

How much does YouTube pay in India?

The average YouTube user in India earns about Rs. 1,000 per 1,000 views. That’s about $14 per 1,000 views.

However, the top YouTubers in India make much more than that.

The top earners on YouTube in India make an average of Rs. 2.9 lakhs per 1 lakh views. That’s about $4,000 per 1 lakh views.

Of course, these are just averages. Some YouTubers make more, and some make less.

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