Impact of Social Media on Education

Impact of Social Media on Education

Impact of Social Media on Education
Impact of Social Media on Education

Social Networking has become an important part of a student’s social life. It is now considered a learning platform that helps in improving student engagement and capabilities in several Schools. Such platforms provide school children the opportunity to connect, get in touch, access information, and research. It consists of online technology platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp among many others. With the massive use of technology, the world has merely become a small place. The type of technology mentioned here really transpires mainly the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Several schools are also using these platforms to provide information.

But the same has some negative effects which include identity theft, cyberbullying, and social isolation. Let’s discuss in length the most crucial aspects of Social Media; both positive and negative to get a clear picture of its impact on education.

The negative impact of Social Media on Education

Body language is a huge part of communication between humans, and when people primarily communicate through technology, then body language clues can be missed, or students do not learn to use body language as a cue for understanding the context of what the person is trying to convey.

With the increase in text messages and social media tweets as communication, students are used to not utilizing proper spelling and grammar when communicating. This makes it hard for others to understand the actual context of the discussion, especially when they are talking with individuals who did not grow up using technology as the primary means of communicating.

There is a lot of noise on these platforms, and therefore, information is not retained as well as it may when you are reading a book. This is one of the primary drawbacks of using these technologies in education as it’s difficult to present the needed information in a manner that allows it to stand out from the noise.

The positive impact of social media on Education

The world is changing, and students are becoming more diverse in how they communicate. This has been translated. You may wonder if it’s too diverse with the much noise surrounding schools lately, but this shows that students are thinking about more than the single viewpoint of what they were born with. The noise listed above can also be a positive one as students are now better at leaving out the unimportant stuff and accepting what is important.

Social media has helped to unveil a lot of atrocities that are happening in the education sector. These platforms are giving students voices to share their ordeal with the whole world.

Encourage Online Learning:

With the advanced use of Social Media platforms in school, the students are encouraged and motivated to learn. Educational videos on YouTube, The use of YouTube to watch educational videos, easy access to e-books, online notes, and learning via video calling are some of the major aspects which contribute to educational development. In fact, there are many study groups online of different subjects that students can join and gain knowledge from the same.

Impact on Health:

Use of social media sites with sheer negligence can have mental as well as physical effects on one’s health. Such acts make students lazy and unmotivated to study or even go out and meet people. It is advisable for parents as well as Schools to keep an eye on what their children are doing while using the internet.

Enhances Creative Element:

Social Media helps in enhancing creative skills in children. By allowing them to learn and later execute the same by doing it themselves. Quite often a student’s hidden talent comes. When he/she starts to take pictures and use online editing skills to make it look aesthetically appealing. A lot of youngsters are also engaged in creating videos for YouTube. If online technology is used in the right way in schools it helps in achieving the right kind of education. Social Media platforms help in improving one’s social skills, and writing skills which help in achieving one’s educational pursuits!

What Motivates Students to Utilize Social Media?

Social media is an incredible instrument not just for communication and promotion but also for learning. Students typically utilize social media platforms to share and receive real-time information, critiques, and answers to their concerns.

Social media heavily influence every pupil’s life. With its assistance, supplying and retrieving a large amount of information, as well as talking with friends, students, instructors, and coworkers, has become a simple task. Students and instructors are now more linked, and they are making greater use of such a platform to obtain and provide education.

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Why social media is useful for students?

Here is a list that explains why social media is important in the lives of students. These are:

  1. Social media provides a lot of credible and relevant information and data. For instance, you can gain knowledge and insights on various topics. It helps you in analyzing the different answers and different opinions of different students. It increases your imagination and creative skills.
  2. Social media helps in delivering training to students with the help of the latest methodologies and help in shaping their future. It plays a dynamic role in an educational institution.

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