Is Online Education Changing The Way Students Learn?

Is Online Education Changing The Way Students Learn?

Is Online Education Changing The Way Students Learn?
Is Online Education Changing The Way Students Learn?

The internet was always used for communication, research, and sharing files and documents but nowadays in a digital era, everything is done online. The Internet is serving its purpose better than ever now. Along with chatting, sharing files, and researching, we can also learn online through the process of online learning. Especially since covid time online teaching is at its peak. Now students can attend their lectures from their homes. There are many websites that are specially designed for online education.

The benefits of online education

Online education can change the way students learn in many positive ways. Here are a few of them. Students no longer have to miss class for an illness or late-night study session, because they can view lecture material on their own time and access course materials from anywhere. Instead of talking to a substitute teacher, they can watch video lectures by professional educators. Instructors post additional resources online, like study guides and writing assignments, so students don’t waste time trying to figure out how to write a proposal or make PowerPoint slides that showcase their research findings.

How Relevant is Online Education?

In the initial stage of Covid, not many were ready for the digital switch. The students kept waiting for a response from the government and educational institutions. However, as time went by, the students had no other option but to shift to online education for completing their curriculum. Platforms like Zoom and Google Meet, are not only became popular for corporate professionals but also for students.  When needed, thankfully online education stepped up at the right time and the current situation is such that it has become the norm. Two years have passed and the end of the pandemic is nowhere to be seen and students and teachers have now become completely comfortable with online education.

Other than the school, the online education that is offered by ed-tech startups has also played a pivotal role. For instance, it allows the child to study at their own pace, and in addition to that, they also have the option of curriculum personalization. Both of these important characteristics are missing in the offline learning system. Also, this makes it possible for the children to study from home in a convenient manner. Further, many online education platforms make it possible for students to track their records very closely. The student also has the freedom to repeat and watch a single video lesson as many times as they want. Breaking the geographical boundaries of education, online learning is helping students from around the globe.

Is Online Education Changing The Way Students Learn?

Quiz Apps

One increasingly common feature of online education is the use of quiz apps. Teachers can remotely test their students’ knowledge by creating customized quizzes for a given subject. Students can take these online quizzes as a fun way of preparing for an exam or revising a project.

With many platforms available, students even have the ability to devise their own quizzes and send them to each other. Using these fun and addictive platforms is one of the best tricks for online learning designed to raise students’ grades.

Effective teaching

E-learning has enhanced the learning patterns of students. In offline classes, it is very difficult to focus on every individual student’s performance whereas in online teaching personalized programs can be set up individually for every student where teachers can examine each and every student’s performance individually and can guide them accordingly.

Smooth Learning

With the help of online learning students can study each and every topic as many times as they want. Also, doubt can be cleared more easily than in the regular offline classes as in offline classes we have to set up a different session for doubt clearing.

A course can be completed earlier in online learning than the duration of an offline class. It just gives a student better control over their own lives, where they can achieve things in less time.


Since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, many students had to switch from classrooms to their screens. It became increasingly common for schools and universities to conduct lectures and seminars online via videoconferences rather than gather students in lecture halls, which had a major impact on how classes functioned in learning today.

Many students can now attend classes from far away, eliminating the need to be physically present on campus. In many ways, that greatly benefited some learners. Many save a lot of money that they would have otherwise spent on a college dorm, giving them greater financial freedom and easing their burden. Others save time and money due to the reduced need to commute to school.

Peer Learning 

Online learning allows students to learn together and can get a better perspective after listening to each other as in online mode students are from various parts of the world. Also learning together helps students to improve themselves in a better way, as online mode allows instant feedback from peers. It also reduces gaps between international and national learning and brings minds together. Also creates better opportunities for every individual and learner and learn and grow together.

The Distractions 

Yes, online mode has brought comfort to us, but also there’s a consequence of online learning. As we all know, in online learning we attend our lectures from our bedrooms or drawing rooms. Thus, it is difficult to keep distractions away. We might get distracted easily. Now this can be avoided only if you are focused enough to manage all the distractions. The lack of focus might also make you learn half of the concepts or mix up the facts and cause you lots of educational loss.

Missed Lectures

Now students no longer have to miss their lectures because of illness or any other reason as online learning has solved this major issue through the recording feature. All of your online lectures are recorded and can be attended as many times and whenever you want. In offline classes, students used to ask teachers for missed classes again and again but now they can watch video lectures online by professional professors.

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Ease with assignments

Including online lectures, there are also other benefits of online learning as we all know assignments are the most hectic part of a student’s life and they have to run behind teachers for their doubts regarding their assignments. But in online mode, you just have to surf the internet for any assignment query like how to write proposals or PowerPoint presentations.

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