The Benefits of Email Marketing

The Benefits of Email Marketing

The Benefits of Email Marketing
The Benefits of Email Marketing

Emailing is something we do on a daily basis. We email our friends, colleagues, clients, and customers. In fact, most email users check their emails every single day, which makes email marketing one of the best ways to grow your business.

Email marketing allows you to stay in touch and communicate with your current customers, but also reach new customers. Every company, whether it’s a small business or a large enterprise, should utilize email marketing as part of its digital marketing strategy.

There are many email marketing benefits for businesses, from increasing brand awareness to building stronger customer relationships. As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to expand your business and connect with new customers, and running email marketing campaigns can help you reach those goals.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a direct marketing channel that lets businesses share new products, sales, and updates with customers on their contact lists. Its high return on investment (ROI) makes it crucial to most businesses’ overall inbound strategy.

Modern email marketing has moved away from one-size-fits-all mass mailings and instead focuses on consent, segmentation, and personalization. This may sound time-consuming, but marketing automation handles most of the heavy lifting for you. In the long run, a well-designed email marketing strategy not only drives sales but helps build a community around your brand.

Why Email Marketing Is Important

Email isn’t a new technology. In fact, it was one of the very first means of digital communication to arrive back in 1971. But at 50 years old, email marketing is used today more than ever before.

First, email marketing campaigns can be personalized to a greater extent than those on social media. Next, costs are considerably lower than for other channels, especially considering the reach and conversion rate associated with email marketing. This is part of what makes email marketing so ideal for small businesses.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

From order confirmations to newsletters, emails are an essential part of the growth and management of your business.

Email marketing helps you achieve three key objectives:

1. Building Personalized Content

Not every buyer has similar needs and wishes. Once you’ve identified your target audience and buyer personas, it’s time to send them personalized messages to delight them to the max.

Personalized marketing is a big hit these days, for a good reason. By using the correct data, you can send targeted messages to your buyers at the right time. This way, you increase the chances of converting them, primarily by delivering something relevant to their preferences and needs.

2. Increase engagement on social media

Are you looking for a way to boost your social media presence and increase engagement on your social posts? Give email marketing a shot. Not only is email marketing a great way to generate website traffic, but also social media traffic.

With email marketing campaigns, you can easily plug your social media accounts and encourage your subscribers to go to them to find out more information about your brand or even sign up for special promotions. You can even combine your email marketing campaigns with your social media marketing strategy to attract customers across all your marketing channels.

3. Own your contact lists

With email marketing, you have a list of subscribers to who you send all of your emails. These subscribers are likely a combination of current and potential customers who opt-in to hear from your business on a regular basis.

But one of the major benefits of email marketing versus social media marketing is that with email marketing, you actually own your contact lists. Even if you change email providers or get a different email address, you’ll still have access to the same contact list.

4. Brand awareness

What’s great about email is that it lets you reach someone directly. It’s one-to-one communication at its best. And people don’t just let anyone into their inboxes these days. It’s a curated space reserved for favorite brands and publications.

Showing up in someone’s email inbox will help your brand stay current in the minds of subscribers. A personalized marketing email is more impactful than a social media post where you can’t be sure if someone has actually seen your message.

One of the major benefits of email marketing is its scalability. This means that emails can be sent to a large number of recipients while remaining cost-effective.

5. Increasing Sales and ROI

As you saw in the stats earlier, the main email marketing benefit is boosting your ROI. So if you want to increase your sales, you can create marketing campaigns with discounts, offers, and deals. It’s a winning method and can massively benefit you in the long run!

There is also a specific email type, the so-called abandoned cart email, that can prove handy to you. These emails let you ping email subscribers that have recently added items to their shopping cart reminding them to complete their purchase.

6. Promote new products or services

Businesses are constantly creating new products or services for their customers. But figuring out a way to promote your new products or services can be tough unless you use email marketing. Email marketing is a simple yet effective way to promote new products or services in an exciting way that grabs your subscribers’ attention.

All you have to do is come up with an enticing subject line so your readers will actually want to open the email. You don’t need expensive or fancy marketing strategies to promote a new product, sometimes all you need is a well-written and attractive email marketing campaign.

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