10 Best Ways To Make Money Without Google AdSense

10 Best Ways To Make Money Without Google AdSense

10 Best Ways To Make Money Without Google AdSense
10 Best Ways To Make Money Without Google AdSense

Lots of newbies are moving towards BLOGGING as a way of career because they know the potential of making money that blogging has. They also better know how Google Adsense provides an earning platform for bloggers through the quality of ads & ad revenue that accomplish their blogging needs. You can also use these ideas to make money with Google Adsense without a website and blog but with Vlogging.

Google AdSense is the best to make money through blogging. But what if you have failed to get approval for a Google AdSense account or if your earlier Adsense account has been disapproved or banned for a lifetime? Then what? How to make money through blogs? How to create a blog that makes money? Someone may think of stopping & quitting his blogging journey because his primary purpose is to earn money from blogging.

But no need to worry, on the greater side, Google Adsense is not the only way to make money there are a few ways other than Google Adsense through which you can earn equivalent or more than that Google Adsense generates for you. No need to worry even if you don’t have Google Adsense start to make money from WordPress blogs.

Can bloggers make money without Google AdSense?

Any blogger or online publisher can earn money without AdSense in lots of ways like affiliate marketing, getting a commission by marketing brand products, selling own products, paid partnerships, speaking on seminars/webinars, offering to advertise, sponsored content, email marketing, paid guest posting and much more.

10 Best Ways To Make Money Without Google AdSense

How to Make Money Without AdSense

You can dig more into these best AdSense alternatives for your blog to make money without AdSense.

Let’s cover each topic in detail:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of getting a commission by selling other people’s products. The idea is that you choose a product that you like, and you start promoting the product on your blog. When someone buys the product through your affiliate link, you’ll get the commission.

When it comes to getting success in affiliate marketing, you might think that you’ll have to do PPC marketing or have to build a huge email list. But you won’t have to if you have a blog with decent readers. Just pick the right products and promote those on your blog.

Affiliate marketing takes time. If someone tells you that he will make you a multi-millionaire overnight, he is lying to your face. There are a lot of courses that claim to make you a multi-millionaire and ask you to buy their products. Most of cases, those are scams. To get success in affiliate marketing, you need to work hard.

2. Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is just another kind of blog post on your website. It should have a similar writing style and tone. The difference is that the brand pays the blogger to create a post and publish it.

However, sponsored posts can take many forms. Some companies just want to mention their product once in a post. While other companies want bloggers to write a complete detailed reviews. Some brands just approach bloggers to publish pre-written sponsored posts on their blogs for a fixed amount. In some cases, the bloggers don’t have to write the post. They just need to review the post and make little tweaks before publishing the post.

Here are a few sites to find sponsored reviews opportunities:

  • Izea Pay Per Post
  • SponsoredReviews
  • PayU2Blog
  • SocialSpark

When applying to the above sites, you should have a media kit prepared. It should represent the total number of social media followers, email subscribers, and your blog monthly statistics.

3. Buy & Sell Advertising Space Online.

The blogs that have more organic traffic are the PROBLOGGERS, generating more amount of money by selling the advertising spaces to influencers, marketers, or sponsors who are eager to advertise their products.

Here you can choose the space where & how to show their ads. You need to create an “advertise with us” page & allow online marketers to promote their products by showing their products ads through banner ads on your blog.

4. Media.net

Another best alternative to Google AdSense is Media.net. If you got fed up with AdSense, and they don’t approve your blog for their ad network then you should definitely consider Media.net. Due to strict rules and thousands of applicants, it becomes difficult to get approved for Adsense.

Media.net is another popular ad network that allows you to display ads on your blog and make money with them. It’s a contextual ad network that shows relevant ads on your blog. For example, if you have a cat blog then the ads will be relevant to your content on the blog. It thus increases the total number of clicks on the ads.

5. Try alternatives AdSense is not the only program out there.

To be honest with you, there is no REAL AdSense alternative. With the quality of Ads, the highest CTR rate, and recurring income, AdSense is still the best Ad network.

But there are other Ads networks for bloggers rather than AdSense. You can earn some decent revenue by using those networks. Here is a list of some high-paying Adsense alternatives.

  • Media.net
  • Bidvertiser
  • Adversal

6. Write Paid Reviews

Paid reviews are somewhat similar to sponsored posts. Bloggers are getting paid for writing product reviews on their websites. Companies need bloggers to review their products and recommend them to their followers. Most often, bloggers receive free products from brands in exchange for a detailed review. In other cases, brands pay bloggers for writing a review.

Most importantly, you need to mention clearly in your blog post that it’s a paid review.

If you are generally interested in writing paid reviews then you should use the products first. You cannot just recommend a product and write about it on your blog if it’s of poor quality. Because your readers are at stake and you can’t risk their trust.

7. Direct Advertising

Direct Advertising is an awesome way to monetize your blog. The best thing about direct advertising is, you’ll cut the third party out. And you’ll get full control of your Ads like where and how the Ads will be displayed.

But if you’ve just created a new WordPress blog, direct adverting may not work for you. You’ll have to generate a decent amount of traffic to your blog to attract advertisers.

Here are some tips for getting direct advertising:

  • Create an ‘Advertise’ page with information about Blog stats, Audience profiles, Advertising options, etc. You can check our Advertise page to get some ideas.
  • Use the OIO Publisher plugin to manage your ads.
  • Visit other blogs related to your niche and check who is advertising on those blogs. Try to contact those advertisers.

8. Promote & market your own products.

If nothing is happening for you, then you can market & sell your own products or services. If you have the desired number of readers on your blog & the skill to convert those readers into customers, then you can generate money by promoting your products or services through your blog.

You can sell ebooks and software. Moreover, even for your educational training purpose, you can offer courses & in detail tutorials plus services related to web designing and development needs. It depends a lot more on your skill and presentation. The better skill you have, the more money you could able to generate with your blogging and also without Adsense.

9. Sell with Amazon Shop

Amazon is a leading online marketing company. You can earn both ways one by promoting, advertising, and selling their products to earn money per sale, and also allows you to make money by displaying Amazon CPM ads.

Amazon is one of the best and leading affiliate commission-generating companies to make money without Adsense for most bloggers.

10. Offer Consulting

Many people create their websites for the sole purpose of making money through coaching or consulting. That represents how consulting online can be a possible way to make more money.

It may take a few months to get your first consulting client but if you market yourself efficiently then chances are very high.

Below are a few tips to use your blog for consulting services:

  • Set up a page on your blog. Make it professional. Make it clear what you will offer in the session.
  • Hang out in social media communities. Give free advice on a subject.
  • Give free 3 consulting opportunities to individuals who seek your advice.
  • Ask for testimonials from those individuals.
  • Reach out to potential clients through emails, messages, or social media.
  • Use your blog to send visitors to your consulting service page.

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