15 Best Ways to Make Money from Instagram in India

15 Best Ways to Make Money from Instagram in India

15 Best Ways to Make Money from Instagram in India
15 Best Ways to Make Money from Instagram in India

Here’s a quick overview of how to monetize Instagram traditionally. The most widely popular way is to build an audience on your Instagram and then divert a percentage of that audience to your YouTube channel, online course, online store, or affiliate links in the bio.

In this blog, we’ll discuss these monetization methods and also get deep into the new ones.


How much money can you make on Instagram?

A survey by HypeAuditor with influencers gave them the following results how much money you can make on Instagram based on your follower range.

15 Best Ways to Make Money from Instagram in India
15 Best Ways to Make Money from Instagram in India

But please understand that how much money your followers are worth also depends on your niche, what kind of people follow you, your reputation, and your content type. This chart can help you put a ball part number to quote any brands approaching you for paid/promotional content.

Also, this data is more apt for Instagram creators in the west and might not apply as it is in India. In our experience and research, we’ve come across the following numbers quoted by Instagramers on how much they charge brands based on their followers. Then we talked to a few brands to understand how much money the brands are willing to pay Instagram creators in India based on their followers. For more information about making money and the latest news visit the site.

15 Best Ways to Make Money from Instagram in India

If you follow the above-mentioned tips, there is a high chance that you will start seeing the effect in some time. Once you have a few thousand followers, you can actively start monetizing your Instagram account.

15 Best Ways to Make Money from Instagram in India
15 Best Ways to Make Money from Instagram in India

There are various ways to make money on Instagram. Here are a few tools to start earning money on Instagram in India:

1. Partner With A Brand

As a content creator, you can partner with a brand to endorse its products and services.  You may make sponsored content to introduce the shoppers to the products and services they offer.

Having a big follower base, you can make huge money. However, there are certain restrictions for sponsored content that you will need to follow before posting it.

2. Instagram Super Follow

Twitter’s “super follow” feature and OnlyFans model of premium (paywalled) content is making Instagram build its own version of it. Instagram is calling it “Super Follow”. Instagram is calling it a “Subscription”. Just like you support YouTubers by paying for their channel’s membership, Instagram will allow creators to launch subscriptions that fans can purchase for exclusive content.

A paid subscription will allow the fans to view exclusive stories posted by the creator. The TechCrunch article on this feature mentions that Instagram has confirmed that this feature is under development. And will be soon tested publicly.

3. Product placements

One of the ways to earn money from Instagram is by plugging different products into your posts without explicitly talking about them. For example, if you are a food influencer and you are making a post about how to grill vegetables and meat, you are going to use a barbeque grill and other accessories.

Instead of diluting your content with brand endorsements, you can simply put the products’ details in the description. Depending on your partnership with brands, you can put the details of where to buy these products from.

It is a very good way for you to hit two birds with one stone – make quality videos and earn money from brands on Instagram. This way you need not make content just to promote a brand or product.

Another way how to earn money from Instagram is to promote affiliate links. You can promote other people’s products and services to earn a commission.

Every sale would work to help you make significant commissions like about 5-10%. There are thousands of content creators in India that are making Instagram money through affiliate marketing.

5.  Design and Sell T-shirts Online in India

Creators around the world sell their own official merchandise or their artwork and designs on products. This is a very popular monetization method and something that anyone can start doing in India without spending any money and very little time on it.

If you are an Instagram creator in India, then you can use Blinkstore to quickly launch your merchandise store. Blinkstore is free forever and it takes less than 1 minute to create, customize, and launch your merch store in India. You can design and sell 30+ variety of products, here’s the complete print-on-demand catalog available on Blinkstore.

6. Sell your own product

While you can earn money from Instagram being an influencer, the platform can also be used to sell your product. Whether you have a small line of physical products or a digital product like an e-course or software, you can leverage Instagram to sell your products.

However, this requires a lot more effort and patience on your part than earning money as an influencer.

To be able to sell your products on Instagram, your followers should have a strong trust in your domain expertise. This requires you to regularly post informative and novel content before you pitch your product to followers.

For example, if you are a yoga teacher, you should put up short clips of your yoga practice, and write detailed captions on each asana, their benefits, etc. In this case, you should also put up posts that talk about maintaining work-life balance, keeping your mind healthy and active, what kind of food will help to maintain this, and other tips.

7. Fan Membership & Exclusive Content

Various platforms let you earn money from the number of subscribers you have.

You can earn by giving the link to these platforms on your Instagram Bio, or in the videos you post.

Moreover, you can conduct a giveaway contest where you can set the eligibility criteria as a member of these platforms.

8. Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is very similar to Brand partnership with minute differences. Brands sometimes pay creators to make content for them to promote their events, product, brand, service, etc. The brands sponsor this content. They also try to make it look like organic or non-promotional content. Where the creator would post content and subtly plug the brand’s CTA within the caption.

Brands would pay you in a similar way for a sponsored post as they pay for the brand partnership. Sponsored posts are mostly one-time things and could be a barter deal instead of a paid one. Brands sometimes sponsored you by giving you their products for free and in return, you’d create content about their product and post it on your social media.

9. Consulting Services

Having a big number of followers automatically means you have become an influencer.

Now you can utilize your experience and stature to help other people increase their follower base, optimize profiles, or earn money from Instagram.

You can conduct one-on-one consultation sessions with potential influencers and also earn money by determining a charge for consultation.

10. Set up Instagram Shop

Instagram Shop is another such feature that is only available to a select number of brands and accounts. To enable Instagram Shop on your account, go to settings and find the Shop feature. You’d need to apply for it and not every brand gets it. That’s why we are not going to cover the shop feature in detail.

11. IGTV Ads

IGTV Ads have gained immense popularity in a really short time. They are short 15 seconds video ads that are shown to audiences by opening IGTV videos in their feed.

You can earn money from Instagram by producing the content you produce.  By monetizing the content, you can earn from brands by producing content for their products and services.

The amount you will earn will depend on the views your videos produce which are called Monetizable Plays.

12. License photographs and videos

If you are a photographer or a cinematographer, you can try licensing your original photographs to startups and corporates. There are many websites where you can sell your photos and videos as stock photos and videos. Licensing takes it a step further, where you keep the ownership of the photograph and lend it for usage to brands for a specific period of time.

13. Badges

Badges are the act or way of supporting content creators by the supporters. When you run an Instagram Live, your supporters will purchase a badge.

Once they purchase it, you will be notified with a popped heart. You can check out the total number of badges purchased and your revenue during or after the life.

14. Sell your own physical products.

Many artists, DIY craft makers, and creators who produce consumer products at home sell those products and artwork on Instagram. The ideal way to sell your own physical goods is by promoting your products in stores, reels, and posts, collecting orders via DM, taking payments via UPI, and shipping the products using a courier service.

Most small DIY Creators and artists follow this to sell their own physical products on Instagram. You can also opt for creating your own store on Shopify, Etsy, WordPress (woo-commerce), Dukaan, Wix, etc., and showcase your products in a better way with automated order collection and payments.

These days, selling your own physical products on the Internet doesn’t require a lot of effort. The tech platforms and courier services have made e-commerce an easily execute thing for almost everyone.

15. Product Reviews

Products reviews on Instagram are a great way to monetize your audience. Once you get a good audience, then brands would pay you to review and promote their products on your page. Product reviews are a big part of monetization for beauty bloggers, gadget reviewers, travel content creators, DIY creators, chefs, artists, and home decor content creators.

These categories of content creators have a wide range and variety of gadgets and products that they use. And you can regularly share your views on each of these products. The great thing about such product review content is that the options are unlimited. Each product category has several brands, each brand has several products, each product comes in many variants, and the brands also keep launching newer products. The possibility of creating product review content on Instagram is endless.



Social media has not only given people a way to entertain themselves and kill time, but also earn money. Among all the social media platforms, Instagram specifically has created an ecosystem that allows content creators to earn money in more than one way.

If you think you have it in you to create engaging content regularly, follow the above tips to start making money on Instagram.

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