Google Adds Pros and Cons Structured Data Markup Support

Google Adds Pros and Cons Structured Data Markup Support

Google Adds Pros and Cons Structured Data Markup Support
Google Adds Pros and Cons Structured Data Markup Support

Google has added structured data support to read and potentially use pros and cons for product review snippets in the Google Search results. Google said you can now “tell Google about your pros and cons by supplying pros and cons structured data on editorial review pages.”

Pros and cons look like. Here is a screenshot of the pros and cons showing in the Google Search results snippets:

Support for Pros and cons of structured data:

The following languages are supported by this structured data:

Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish

The help doc for Google product structured data has been updated to mention pros and cons saying “Pros and cons: Help people see a high-level summary of the pros and cons of an editorial product review.” “While Google tries to automatically understand the pros and cons of an editorial product review, you can explicitly provide this information by adding the positiveNotes and/or negativeNotes properties to your nested product review. Be sure to follow the pros and cons guidelines,” Google added.

Here are the guidelines for using pros and cons according to Google:

If you add pros and cons to this structured data, you must follow these guidelines, Google said:

  • Currently, only editorial product review pages are eligible for the pros and cons appearance in Search, not merchant product pages or customer product reviews.
  • There must be at least two statements about the product. It can be any combination of positive and/or negative statements (for example, ItemList markup with two positive statements is valid).
  • The pros and cons must be visible to users on the page.

Adding product review structured data markup:

Google said even if you do not add structured data, Google may still show pros and cons. I actually spotted this about a month ago in the wild. Google wrote, “If you do not provide structured data, Google may try to automatically identify pros and cons listed on the web page.”

Google did say it “will prioritize supplied structured data provided by you over automatically extracted data.” So it is probably best you do add the structured data if you have it.

Rank Math Pro Adds Pros and Cons Schema:

Rank Math is a leading WordPress SEO plugin, and they have added support for the Pros and Cons schema in their pro version. Watch this video to learn how to use the pros and cons schema when using Rank math SEO pro.

Anything you can do to improve your click-through rate from Google Search to your website is a good thing. Adding more elements and rich results to your search snippet may help you improve clicks. So give it a try and test it out.

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