How Much YouTube Pay For 1000 Views In India In Rupees

How Much YouTube Pay For 1000 Views In India In Rupees

How Much YouTube Pay For 1000 Views In India In Rupees
How Much YouTube Pay For 1000 Views In India In Rupees

We are going to start the discussion about HOW MUCH YOUTUBE PAY FOR 1000 VIEWS IN INDIA as per our readers’ demands and comments. If you want to know about this India topic, continue reading and learn more.

YouTube is a social media platform that lets its users or creators earn. All they have to do is entertain others. Though just entertaining wouldn’t be sufficient.

The creators on YouTube are providing value and hence generating passive income.

Though I do not see this as passive income. I think a lot of effort goes into creating content. To earn a decent amount you should have at least 52 videos and over 10,000 subscribers. The content should be such that is loved by your audience. But that is just my viewpoint.

Some 10 years ago a friend of mine told me that he has become a Youtuber. Back then this concept was alien to me. I was surprised to know it. He was earning a handsome amount. He was posting funny videos. It took him over a year to start making money out of his channel.

What are 1000 Views On Youtube Money In India

How Much Money Can A Creator Earn Frm 1000 Views On YouTube In India? The amount of money a creator can earn from 1000 views on YouTube in India depends on several factors, such as the type of ads shown, the geographic location of the viewers, and the niche of the channel.

People also ask: how much does YouTube pay for 1000 views in India in rupees? The pandemic has affected the growth of YouTube, in a good way.

The payout for each video increases as it receives more views and generates more income. Whether or not a video is monetized, YouTube pays its producers in India approximately INR.

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How Much Do YouTubers Earn in India?

According to the report from AmbitionBox, the average salary for a YouTube Content Creator earns ₹4,17,759/Annually. Depending on the success of their YouTube channel, this figure can soar much higher. Here are the top-earning YouTubers in India with their income & Subscribers.

Initially, your energy should be oriented toward discovering the traction for your channel. Other than the essentials like Lightening, Background, Camera, Microphone, etc., you need to focus on the content. The more you concentrate on the content, the better it is.

Estimated Monthly YouTube Income Based on Views Per Day

Views / Day Estimated Earnings / Month
1,000 ₹4,528 – ₹7,574
10,000 ₹45,363 – ₹75,660
50,000 ₹2,26,898 – ₹3,78,219
1,00,000 ₹4,53,880 – ₹7,56,356
1,10,000 ₹4,99,243 – ₹8,32,017
1,50,000 ₹6,80,778 – ₹1,13,4576

How to YouTube CPM Rates in India 2023 

YouTube Rates per View in India If you are making INR 200 per 1000 ad impressions, then you’re earning around 20 paise per view for Indian traffic. Since all video impressions are not monetized and your ad fill rate can be anywhere between 10 percent to 50 percent, you need to figure out what volume of page views you need to deliver in order to get 1000 ad impressions.

Now It’s time to answer the million-dollar question, how much money do YouTubers make in India? How Much Does YouTube Pay For 1000 Views In India?

But let me tell you, to start making money on YouTube, your YouTube channel should have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours time completes. After that, you can earn money through Google Adsense from YouTube.

How Much YouTube Pay For 1000 Views In India In Rupees

Earning is good. Let us understand how this platform works for you. The points below will help you in understanding the mechanism better.


Though monetizing your YouTube videos will show various advertisements still, it is not a reliable way to earn from Youtube. Advertisement rate varies from region to region. If you are a Youtuber from the U.S. then you’ll have a lot of chances to earn more than an Asian YouTuber.

The advertisement rate in the U.S. will be generally high when compared to other countries. If an advertisement in the U.S. pays $0.5 dollars then in a country like India, it will only be $0.2 per view.

Revenue Earned

YouTube is a platform with millions and billions of users. It is not offering any fixed amount for your content. It works on the user interface. The more users like the content the more it gets promoted and vice-versa. The more it is watched the more income it generates.

Your income is directly proportional to the income generated by YouTube. Let’s take one simple example to help you understand this better.

Mr. X creates a gaming video. Gaming is a niche that is popular on YouTube. Mr. X  gets a lot of views on his video. Ads are run on the content video made by Mr.X. Third-party pays YouTube for running their advertisement on Mr. X’/s content.

Google commission

If you have a lot of views on your video, it really won’t affect how you can earn on youtube. About 65% of the ad commission goes into Google’s treasure while the rest will be yours. Even if you have a highest-grossing or trending Youtube channel, you won’t make much money from it.

By Selling Your Products

This is a common practice of many YouTubers. Next time you watch a video pay attention to the links provided in the description, in the profile banner, or on the end screen. These are links to their market. YouTubers create their market on their own.

The retention time i.e. the time people watch the videos is very high on YouTube as compared to other platforms. This enables building the trust of the viewers. Once you get the required number of subscribers the marketing action can take place.

Skippable and non-skippable ads

Ads on YouTube either appear in the form of skippable or non-skippable. If ads appear in the form of skippable then you won’t make money from YouTube unless the ad is completely viewed. The payment will be done for a complete view of an ad only.

Mobile users more often see ads on the video than desktop users because the desktop user uses browser extensions like ad blocker which will prevent showing an ad in the video. The same couldn’t be expected but mobile users are much more likely to click on the skip option of an ad which will sabotage or shatter your Earn on YouTube dream.

10 Ways To Earn $1000 Per Month on YouTube

Promoting The Third Party Products Or Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is spreading its roots in India. Let’s understand what this is and how it works on YouTube.

Affiliate marketing involves three parties. The buyer, the seller, and the affiliate marketer. The affiliate marketer runs with N number of sellers/creators. He/she could promote the brand XYZ by making a video about that brand’s product.

For promoting the brand the affiliate marketer gets a commission. This commission could range anywhere from 0.2 % – 9%.

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