The Best WordPress Duplicate Plugins

The Best WordPress Duplicate Plugins

The Best WordPress Duplicate Plugins
The Best WordPress Duplicate Plugins

Duplicating a page or post in WordPress can mean more than simply copying and pasting the content. You can also retain the page template, SEO data, and images, in order to save time when redesigning your website or updating your content.

Fortunately, duplicating pages and posts and all their associated data in WordPress can be easy. There are simple ways to get the job done, both with and without a plugin.

In this article, we’ll look at how to create a WordPress duplicate page clone or post safely and introduce some plugins that can help. Let’s jump right in.

Duplicating Page or Post with WordPress Plugin

You might be thinking of manually copying and pasting your WordPress post or page to make a duplicate. Moreover, WordPress now provides the ‘copy all content’ option within its block editor. However, for duplicating pages and posts, this process is not ideal.

When you manually duplicate a post or a page in WordPress, you’ll only copy the text of your content. This means that you’ll have to copy your page template, images, and SEO elements such as meta descriptions and title tags separately.

Not only will the process take a long time, but it will also be frustrating if you have many WordPress posts, pages, or custom post types to duplicate.

Duplicating a page or a post can also harm your position in search rankings. However, there are times when you need to duplicate your content and reuse it as a template for a new post or a page on your WordPress website.

Fortunately, with the help of a post duplication plugin, you can easily duplicate pages or posts without having to worry about making any errors.

The Best WordPress Duplicate Plugins: Free and Paid

Duplicating posts, pages, and menus manually is not the best way to get your work done since it takes a lot of time. Thanks to the best WordPress duplicate plugins, it is considerably simpler to execute complex without any hassle. The following plugins are very easy to use, you just have to install and activate any of them on your WordPress.

1. Duplicate Post Page Menu & Custom Post Type

Duplicate Page and Post is a free WordPress plugin that is designed to clone pages or posts easily. In the specific case of this plugin, it guarantees that your website contents remain intact in the copy.

Easy to use and configure

Duplicate posts and pages

Custom Post Type supported

Ajax mechanism for large data

Pro version available

2. Post Duplicator

Another simple cloning plugin is Post Duplicator. This solution creates an exact duplicate of any post or page, including custom post types, custom fields, and custom taxonomies. It’s quick and easy to use, and shouldn’t add much weight to your site.

To duplicate content with this tool, follow these steps:

Install the plugin and activate it.

Navigate to Posts > All or Pages > All to find the content you want to clone.

Hover over the post or page.

Click on the Duplicate Page or Duplicate Post option.

3. Duplicate Menu

As its name indicates, this free Duplicate Menu plugin allows you to quickly create multiple clones of your navigation menu, seamlessly duplicating elements without running into errors.

Simple and lightweight

Create copies of existing menus

Products-specific changes

Cloning on a programmatic level

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