Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress
Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Social media is a key component in most business strategies. If you have a WordPress website but lack social media profiles, you’re probably missing out on a lot of potential traffic. On the other hand, there are many WordPress social media plugins you can use to connect your website with your profiles on various platforms, making them even more effective. Knowing the best options at your disposal and how to use them will make your job a lot easier.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best WordPress social media plugins. Each one has been selected for its features, update history and support, and ratings and reviews.

How Do I Add Social Media Plugins to WordPress?

Asking yourself how do I add social media plugins to WordPress. It’s super simple and explained very well in this article on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Once you know how easy it is to add a WordPress plugin to your website, let’s jump right into the very best social media plugins out there.

Best Social Media Plugin for WordPress

The main problem with most social media plugins for WordPress is performance. Since these plugins have to load additional stylesheets and scripts, they often slow down your website. For more on this topic, see our article on how WordPress plugins affect your site’s load time.

You need to find a balance between the plugin’s features and the performance of your WordPress site. A social media plugin with lots of features can become less useful if it’s slowing down your website and affecting user experience.

Next, you need to decide which social networks will be more prominently displayed on your website. Adding fewer options can reduce clutter and offer a better user experience.

Many social media plugins allow you to show social icons in the sidebar, below an article, before an article, and so on. You need to decide how you would like to display them on your site and if the plugin supports that option.

1. Monarch (Social Sharing)

Monarch is a social sharing plugin that includes several unique features which differentiate it from other tools. You can use this solution to add social sharing buttons in five different locations on each page. There are multiple sharing button styles, and support for over 20 social media platforms.

One of the features that set Monarch apart is that it enables you to add social sharing buttons for your images and videos. When users hover over either type of file, they’ll see options to share it on the social media platforms that you enable:

Monarch also lets you display social sharing buttons in pop-ups and overlays. The plugin lets you choose between multiple triggers for pop-ups, such as after users comment on a post or after they make a purchase. That last setting makes Monarch a fantastic social sharing plugin for e-commerce sites.

2. Shared Counts

Shared Counts is an awesome, lightweight social media plugin for WordPress. It shows how many shares something on your site has gotten on different social media platforms.

  • Lightweight plugin – Doesn’t slow down your site and is super straightforward.
  • Easy to use – A simple tool even beginners will love.
  • Developer-friendly – Hooks and filters if you want advanced customizations.
  • GDPR-friendly – Doesn’t use cookies.
  • Custom post types – Easily enable the plugin for custom post types.
  • Helpful buttons – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yummly, Print, and Email.

3. Social Warfare

Another one of the best social media plugins on our list is the feature-heavy Social Warfare. This lets you control what people share on social media (and how they share it).

Key Features Of Social Warfare

  • Customizations – Add custom titles, images, and descriptions to your posts that get more clicks and traffic.
  • Analytics – Track how your social shares are doing with Google Analytics.
  • Popular posts widget – Display your most popular posts from your blog right in a widget and automatically calculate which ones are doing well.
  • Easy Recovery – You can recover share counts when switching permalink structures.

4. Spotlight Social Feeds

Spotlight Social Feeds is one of the best Instagram plugins for displaying social feeds on your WordPress website. If you run a personal blog or a portfolio, you can use this plugin to embed your feed and show visitors a bit of who you are, or to share some of your best work. You can display your feed using multiple styles:

This plugin lets you customize the layout of your feed and even sort through your posts. You can add custom bio text and a “follow” button alongside each feed. Moreover, you can use blocks, widgets, or shortcodes to place your feeds wherever you want on your site.

Key Features for Spotlight Social Feed:

  • Choose from multiple feed styles
  • Sort or filter your Instagram posts
  • Place your feed using blocks, widgets, or shortcodes

5. Sassy Social Share

More than just a fun name, Sassy Social Share helps your visitors share your content on their favorite social media platforms easily. This plugin supports a ton of different sites.

Key Features for Sassy Social Share

  • Great compatibility – Will work with BuddyPress and WooCommerce.
  • Featherlight – Won’t take up a bunch of your website speed to run as it’s optimized for blazingly fast performance.
  • A+ customer service – Great support team known for their quick and helpful answers.
  • 100% responsive – Will look great and professional on any device of any size.
  • Tons of sites – Supports 100+ social media and bookmarking sites.
  • Page reload support – Compatible with AMP.

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