How To Add a Business Email To YouTube

How To Add a Business Email To YouTube

How To Add a Business Email To YouTube
How To Add a Business Email To YouTube

There are lots of benefits and importance to you having a Business E-mail address To Your Youtube Channel. First of all Your channel visitors can easily send you an email through a clickable link in the About section of your youtube channel for any purpose. Secondly, Any advertiser can contact you and this may be very helpful for both the adverser and the youtube channel. If any sponsors want to give you their products review or anything this is also very helpful for your youtube earning.

There are two ways in which you can receive private messages on Youtube from your visitors or fans. By Direct Message and E-mail Message to add a business E-mail address to your YouTube Channel?

Direct Message

Anyone visiting your channel can send you a direct private message, by using the youtube message option. I have made a video that explains the process.

Email Massage

Viewers prefer sending an email, so I thought to make a short tutorial on how to add a clickable email address on your youtube channel.

How to create a Gmail email account for YouTube

To create an email account on Gmail, go to the signup page.

Next, enter your first and last name in the fields labeled as such.

Beneath that, you will be able to select a username. This will be your Gmail email address. The simplest would be to see if your YouTube channel name is available.

So if your channel’s name is “Build with Ben” then you’ll type in “build within” in the field.

The “” is added automatically and you’ll be able to see it after the username.

If the email address has already been taken, you’ll see a warning message, like the image below.

Try a different variation until you can find an email address that is available. Once you click away and there is no error message, that means the email address is available and you can continue.

Why use a separate email address for YouTube?

Using a separate email address for your YouTube channel can help you avoid clogging up your regular email address (because we all get enough junk mail already).

If you have a large channel you may find that you receive tons of emails from viewers and scammers, but also from legitimate business opportunities or collaboration opportunities.

Having a dedicated email address to deal with this can help save you from missing an important email that may possibly get lost in a sea of junk mail.

This also protects your regular email from being available across the internet. This could be the email you use to log into your Google account, online banking, social networks, and more.

How to Change YouTube Email Address?

How To Add a Business E-Mail Address To YouTube Channel?

So if you are looking at leads for your business from visitors of your Youtube channel, and you don’t know how to do that then here I am giving you the best process, How to add a business email address to your YouTube Channel. You can also add your own Gmail account. Follow The steps given below.

Step 1. Login to your Youtube Channel.

Step 2. Click on The “Avatar Icon” in the top right corner. then click on “My Chanel“.

Step 3. Hit On the blue button called the “EDIT LAYOUT” button. after clicking on the About section.

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