Top 10 ways you can make Money on Social Media

Top 10 ways you can make Money on Social Media

Top 10 ways you can make Money on Social Media
Top 10 ways you can make Money on Social Media

You don’t need a huge audience to start making money from your social media audience.

Today’s world is largely influenced by social media in all ways, whether it is sharing ideas, learning, or interacting with people and organizations. The amount of time and number of people spending their time online makes social media just more important. Hence, using the platform to make money is one of the best ways to do so.

Top 10 ways you can make Money on Social Media

1. Build a paid membership

One of the most popular ways to make money on social media today is to produce exclusive content, accessible only to followers who pay a monthly subscription via a membership platform.

Platforms such as Patreon have emerged in recent years to cater specifically to this phenomenon, and video-sharing social platforms such as YouTube and Twitch have also launched features to compete in this space. Even Twitter has started testing a new “Super Follow” feature enabling users to charge a subscription for exclusive content.

2. make money on YouTube

Monetize Your YouTube Channel with Ads

If you’re on YouTube, monetizing your channel is a great way to earn money. This isn’t an option available to everyone – you need to have over 1,000 subscribers, have a minimum of 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months, be in a country offering the YouTube partner program and meet several other criteria.

Channel Memberships

YouTube created memberships in 2018 as a way for creators to monetize their content. Once you’ve activated Channel Memberships on your account, you’ll be able to offer your subscribers exclusive perks only available to members. There are a few different things you can offer, including:

  • Loyalty badges
  • Custom emojis
  • Community posts for members-only
  • Live chat access
  • Exclusive live streams
  • Bonus content

Offering exclusive content that makes your members feel special allows them to stand out amid the crowd of all your viewers. However, there are some conditions you will need to meet, namely:

  • Join the YouTube Partner Program.
  • Have 1,000 or more subscribers.
  • Operate in an approved country for the membership feature.
  • Create content for adults, that is, videos you DON’T set as “made for kids.”
  • A few videos on your channel are ineligible for monetization or recently demonetization.
  • Agree to YouTube’s terms and conditions.

3. Start Affiliate Marketing

affiliate Marketing refers to the process of promoting the products of other companies in exchange for commission or money. It is one of the easiest ways to earn money without investment from social media. By using this technique, you can promote a product on your social media page or YouTube channel and influence visitors to purchase it. This may work as a great supplement to your income by allowing you to receive a commission on every sale that you generate. You can earn anywhere from 30% of the product or service price to as high as 70% per sale.

How to earn on social media by affiliate marketing in India?

To start earning through affiliate marketing on social media follow these steps below:

  1. First, decide on the products you want to promote which can be anything from fashion to beauty to tech.
  2. Then, join an affiliate marketing platform like EarnKaro where you can find brands that match your niche.
  3. Now you can start promoting products by sharing affiliate links with your audience and earn money on every successful purchase.

4. Join an influencer marketing platform

Joining an influencer marketing platform is another great way to make money with social media, which can require as much, or as little time as you want to put into it.

An influencer marketing (or monetization) platform, such as ShopYourLikes, connects brands with influencers and makes it easier for both to work together.

Most of these platforms require a certain amount of followers to get approved and may specialize in one social media platform. While links can be placed on any platform, ShopYourLikes influencers often focus on Instagram stories.

Once approved by ShopYourLikes, you will be able to access your performance dashboard and see all the brands available for you to promote.

By using the Link Generator you can create a link for any page of these brands’ websites, share it on Instagram or anywhere on social media, and get paid every time someone clicks or swipes on your links.

5. make money on Facebook

Fan Subscriptions

Much like YouTube’s Chanel Memberships, Facebook launched Fan Subscriptions (now simply Subscription) in 2020 as a way for followers to directly support creators they enjoy. In addition, the platform has pledged to pay creators a bonus of between $5 and $20 for each new subscriber until the end of 2021. This is part of their pledge to invest over $1 billion in their creators before 2023.

Subscription Groups

Similarly, Facebook Subscription Groups allow you to create private groups for followers who pay a fee for their membership. The group allows you to share exclusive content.

In-Stream Ads

Another way Facebook allows creators to earn extra money is through in-stream ads appearing in eligible videos. These may be short videos or image ads and work a little like monetizing a YouTube channel. You earn a share of any revenue generated through the ads and viewers will need to complete watching the ads to continue watching your videos.

6. Sell Your Own Products

You can take your business online and promote your products on social media channels. If you are running a blog that talks about a particular niche, then it will be preferable to promote related products to maintain consistency. For instance, if you are a fashion blogger dealing in apparel, then you can choose to sell your designs to your followers.

7. Webinars

Webinars on social media can be a great way to leverage your knowledge and audience to earn big bucks. To start, create a webinar that offers valuable content related to your industry. Promote the webinar on your social media channels and offer incentives to people who register. Once the webinar has been created, people can charge a fee to access it. You can also offer additional services and products related to the webinar as an upsell. Finally, be sure p with attendees after the webinar to build relationships and increase your potential for future sales.

8. Sell your own merchandise

Finally, a great way to make money on social media is by selling your own merchandise.

You can start doing this very easily by creating your own shop using tools such as Teespring or Teemill.

These tools are great to get started and testing your product ideas.

You just need to upload your designs and they’ll take care of the rest by printing the clothes and shipping them directly to customers for you.

9. Go Live and Get Gifts

You can earn money directly by going Live on TikTok and accessing Live Gifts. Once you have set it up, your viewers can send you virtual stickers while you’re streaming. These gifts allow you to collect diamonds that you can cash in for actual money.

It’s relatively simple to get started:

  • Viewers use real money to buy coins. It will cost them $1 for 100 coins.
  • Those coins let them send you virtual gifts.
  • You convert the coins you collect into diamonds – two coins equate to one diamond.
  • Diamonds can then be traded for money – you’ll need 200 diamonds for every $1 you redeem.

10. Offer a Service or Coaching

Social media is an excellent marketing tool if you have a skill or talent that other people will value. Copywriters, graphic designers, website developers, marketers, and other online service providers easily find clients by posting engaging content highlighting their skills and demonstrating how they can improve people’s lives.

Life coaching, business coaching, career coaching, and other similar paths, offer a great way to make money online and on social media.

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