How Much Do Bloggers Make?

How Much Do Bloggers Make?

How Much Do Bloggers Make?
How Much Do Bloggers Make?

I think blogging is the perfect side hustle because you can do it on your own time, you can work from anywhere, and you can build it into your lifestyle. After posting my blogging income report, I’ve been getting a lot of reader questions asking how much money you can make blogging.

In this post, I will highlight 15 legit ways to make money blogging and provide some insight on how you should think about (and measure) the money that your blog is making.

How to start a blog

The hardest part about blogging is finding the time and the ideas you need to do it consistently. Getting started, however, is fairly straightforward.

Starting a blog with the potential to be a business comes down to the following steps, which we’ll explore in detail:

  1. Consider the different opportunities to monetize.
  2. Pick an audience to serve.
  3. Choose a blogging platform, and a domain name, and build your blog
  4. Lay the groundwork for distribution.
  5. Planning out your publishing strategy. If you’re wondering why we’re talking about monetization first, it’s because we need to think more like an entrepreneur than just a blogger in order to make this a profitable venture.

How long can it take you to earn money from blogging?

Your required time before earning depends on many factors, including how many posts you make, how successful you are at building an audience, the quality of your content, and how you choose to monetize your blog. Relying solely on passive advertising, for example, may require a high volume of traffic, which can take an extremely long time to build. If you choose to offer digital products that provide value to your readers, you may earn money sooner.

Many bloggers say it takes at least a year before income matches a traditional full-time wage. Other bloggers see results sooner, possibly because they develop a targeted strategy, research trends, create a product or devote hours of work to their blog. Bloggers who consistently post quality content that interests an audience often receive some income from their blog early in their career.

How Much Do Bloggers Make?

It’s pretty easy to make an extra $500 – $2,000 per month blogging in your first year. And then in years 2, 3, 4, and 5, you can significantly increase your monthly blog revenue. Glassdoor reports that the average blogger’s salary is over $50,000 per year, based on several anonymously submitted salaries.

Many of the successful full-time bloggers that I know are able to make over $200,000 per year and work about 10-30 hours per week. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve posted my income report where I made over $400,000 with my blogging side hustle.

The number of money bloggers make can vary widely depending on several factors, including the blogger’s niche, the amount of traffic they receive, and their monetization strategy. Here are some rough estimates of how much bloggers can make:

  1. Beginner Bloggers: If you’re just starting out, it may take some time to build your blog’s traffic and audience. In the beginning, most bloggers will earn little to no money from their blogs.
  2. Intermediate Bloggers: Once you have built a decent audience and have a few monetization strategies in place, you can start to earn some money. Many bloggers in this stage earn a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month.
  3. Advanced Bloggers: As your blog grows and your traffic increases, you can start to earn a more significant income. Many advanced bloggers earn anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 or more per month.
  4. Top Bloggers: The top bloggers in the world can earn millions of dollars a year from their blogs. However, these bloggers are rare, and most bloggers will not reach this level of success.

What are the most profitable categories you can blog about?

Some types of blogs that often earn more include:

  • Finance and personal finance

  • Product or service reviews

  • Lifestyle

  • Travel

  • Health

  • Fashion

  • Home Decor

Consider that audiences often appreciate reading a writer who’s knowledgeable and passionate about their content. The most profitable category for any blogger is often one they love and can use to connect with their audiences. Consider selecting a blog category that you enjoy or know very well so that you can create authentic, quality content.

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